A post just surfaced on my dash with the photo of a completion ceremony. Isabelle stands next to a custom-design sign, there’s a huge arrow on it pointing at her and the sign says “GAY”. Isabelle is about to say “thank you, thank you, you’re too kind”. The original comment on that picture is…



climbing on top of shit: an acnl tale of hubris

it started off innocently enough

look how happy and cute i am 

whoa my. feet are kind of in the ceiling now. so theres that. but still!! cool!!!

and look how pretty it is up here at night

holy crap i can?? go over here too????

and FISH IN THE SECRET RIVER with no fish in it but w/e

whoa What i can go up HERE this is crazy can i go back there in the bushes i want to

wait shit

climbing game too strong